Mattress Cleaning

Are you suffering from dust mite allergens? Do you wake up in the morning with headaches, watery eyes, hives, red blotches on your body?

You may be allergic to the dust mite allergen. Dust mites produce feces. In this feces there is a protein. It could be the protein causing you to have an allergic reaction.

Cleaning Your  Mattress For Health Benefits

· Cleaning solutions are all natural. No toxins, no perfumes.

· Anti allergen deodorizers are non scented. No perfumes.

· We apply our all natural Allergy Relief Treatment, which provides extended protection against dust mite allergens, between regular cleanings. 

· Give us a call at 905-302-5120 to set up your appointment.



Mattress cleaning to remove dustmites and pet dander.
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